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Here's what our customers are saying about our Tai Chi DVDs ...
"I am so happy to have finally found a video that teaches AUTHENTIC Cheng Man-Ch'ing form, just like it was taught in the 1970s. Sifu Phillips, you are the real deal. Thank you so much!"

Tim P.
Reston, VA

"I've been wanting to learn Push Hands for years, but it's been difficult finding a teacher in my area.

"Thanks to your DVD, my wife and I can practice together. Its brought a whole new dimension to our study of Tai Chi. Thank you!"
Ed W.
Williston, ND

"This video [our form DVD] is easy to learn from. Everything is explained carefully. I highly recommend it."
Lyn O.
Rapid City, SD

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Tai Chi Breathing
The Inhales and Exhales of the Cheng Man Ching 37 Posture Form (DOWNLOAD)
Tai Chi Breathing The Inhales and Exhales of the Cheng Man Ching 37 Posture Form (DOWNLOAD)
List Price $14.97
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You Save $5.00 33%

Bring a new dimension to your Tai Chi practice with this downloadable video of a vital teaching which has not been widely available — until now!

Most people are taught to simply breathe naturally while doing their Tai Chi form. And for beginners, this advice is very good. But properly coordinated breathing can help to bridge the gap between good Tai Chi and excellent Tai Chi. Coordinated breathing brings chi to your practice.

In this downloadable video, Sifu William C. Phillips shows exactly where the inhales and exhales are supposed to occur in a properly performed round of Cheng Man Ching's Tai Chi. Sifu Phillips was taught by Professor Cheng himself in the Shr Jung in New York City near the end of his life in the 1970's, and for well over 30 years has been tirelessly promoting Professor Cheng's methods, teaching Tai Chi, referring people to Tai Chi schools, and being a Tai Chi spokesman in the media. This video provides a rare glimpse of a body of knowledge which was passed down to a limited set of Professor Cheng's students in the United States who directly asked for it.

This 10-minute video is intended as a starting point in learning the precise breathing and is intended for those who have a working knowledge of the Cheng Man Ching form.

It provides a rear view of Sifu Phillips as he practices the Cheng Man Ching form in front of a mirror, with the timing of the inhales and the exhales overdubbed.

Watch the video below for some comments from Sifu Phillips as well as a clip from the downloadable video: (NOTE: The video available for sale is of a much higher quality and isn't grainy like this one.)

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