Sifu Cheryl Lindholm

Certified: December 20, 2002

We are deeply saddened to announce our beloved Cheryl Lindholm passed away suddenly in early 2016. She was much loved by so many... her Patience T'ai Chi family, her own students in Iowa, her many friends. To know Cheryl was to love her instantly. We leave her bio page up, as-is, in her memory, so that her spirit lives on.

Sifu Cheryl Lindholm is a Senior Student of Sifu William C. Phillips and a certified instructor of Patience T'ai Chi Association. She began her studies in the oriental martial arts in March 1988, studying T'ai Chi with Michael Blue. She began her study of Judo in 1993, and went on to Tae Kwon Do, where she earned a black belt in October of 1997. She returned to her studies in the internal arts with Yang Style T'ai Chi and other internal energy practices with Shannon Phelps. She went on to learn standard forms with Lily Ping He, who taught T'ai Chi at Tianjin Occupational Disease Hospital, in China. From Lily she learned the standard 24.

In 2000 she began her study of the Cheng Man Ch'ing 37 with William C, Phillips. She has gone on, after becoming an instructor in December of 2002, to becoming certified as a Sifu of the Patience T'ai Chi Association. She has trained two students, Richard B. Lynch and Robert Boller, who have become certified instructors in her school.

In addition to practicing and teaching Tai Chi Chuan, Sifu Lindholm is a registered Nurse (RN) and was, for 8 years, a Certified Ohashiatsu Instructor. Now she continues her Shiatsu studies and treatments under the umbrella of Zen Shiatsu. These pursuits make her ideally qualified to understand the healing potential of Tai Chi. Her precise and analytical mind makes her very attentive to detail, and her Japanese and Korean martial experience leaves her open to the martial applications as well as the push hands applications. She is an excellent teacher from whom to learn the full range of Tai Chi expertise.

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