Michael Watts

Certified: 2014

Michael Watts began his instruction in Cheng Man-Ch'ing form in 1994, in London, UK, with Master John Eastman. His additional studies include, in 2009, a Cheng Man-Ch'ing 'ai Chi intensive with Glyn Williams (TCUGB Senior Instructor) in Hertfordshire, UK. In 2012, he continued his instruction, studying with Master Zuen Wei-Ming. in Taipei,Taiwan. In 2014 he did a one month private intensive correction of the Chang Man-Ch'ing form with William C. Phillips in the Bronx NY.

Michael has studied Ch'i Kung and other styles of T'ai Chi as follows: In 2012, He received individual instruction in Qigong and Huang's 'Five Loosening Exercises' from Master Len Lee Nam and Alvina Lai in Malaysia. In 2014 in New York; USA, at the Omega Institute, he took a 14 Day 72-hour Intensive workshop in 'Qigong Healing' with Master Robert Peng. And in the Fall of 2015, back in the UK he took a three day Workshop in Huang Style with Master Wee Kee Jin in Sheffield.

His certifications in T'ai Chi are as follows: 2015, Intermediate level Instructor of T'ai Chi Ch'uan from TCUGB (Mike Tabrett, Vice President & Senior Instructor). 2014 Certified Instructor of Cheng Man-Ch'ing's T'ai Chi from Patience T'ai Chi Association (William C. Phillips). In addition he has certificates in Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Set I awarded by Sifu Wing Cheung and Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Set III awarded by Sifu Wing Cheung.

Other certifications include teaching certificates in Ba Duan Jin -- Eight Pieces of Brocade and Yi Jin Jing -- Muscle Tendon Strengthening Qigong awarded by BHQA.

Resume proofs may be found at:

Patience T'ai Chi

and at the British National Health Service (NHS) Website Discussing Tai Chi and with link to TCUGB

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