Sal Casano

Certified: December 1, 1999

Mr. Sal Casano, lives in Rexford, New York and has been studying taijiquan and qigong for over 25 years. He began taijiquan with Sifus Marc Isaac and William C. Philips. He became a certified instructor of Cheng Man-Ch'ing form by the Patience T'ai Chi Association, (Sifu William C.Phillips) in December, 1999.

He then studied, taijiquan /qigong training with Sifu Richard Chu who taught him Yang style long form, broadsword forms and jian form along with fast taiji form based on Dong style taijiquan.

Throughout the years he attended many Taiji events and have had the privilege attending seminars with many great internal martial artists, including at the T'ai Chi Gala. In addition. He has also attended many seminars with qigong Master Roger Janhke, and Sifus Bill Douglass, Yang Yang, and William Ting.

In addition, he volunteered to be a book reviewer for Yang Sheng e-zine for 5 years, as well as for Singing Dragon Press (taiji and qigong books). He currently holds the title of Master Teacher of taiji and qigong from the American Tai Chi/Qigong Association, and Qigong instructor from the National Qigong Association. In addition, he is a member of the the Qigong Institute, and the Tai Chi for Health Community.

Sifu Casano's has over 20 years of teaching experience (as of 2017), including 10 years taiji and qigong for South Saratoga YMCA (4 one hour classes per week), and the Ciccotti Family Recreation Center in the Clifton Park and Albany areas respectively (2 classes per week). .He has taught adult ed groups, library programs, programs for health insurance companies such CDCHP here in the Albany area

In his non T'ai Chi life, he has a B.S. in Chemistry, & M.S degree in Chemistry-Education from Long Island University(Brooklyn), an from Adelphi University(Garden City) and PhD in Holistic Health from Clayton College as well as an A.S. in Nursing from Nassau Community College, having passed the Board exams to be an R.N. in New York State. He taught high school Advanced Placement Chemistry for the Massapequa School District (34 years), was a Prof. of Chemistry at SUNY (Farmingdale) and Prof of Chemistry at the Albany College of Pharmacy. He used his RN degree to do Parish Nursing for his church and advocated for patient knowledge and health programs.

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