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Push Hands: A Dynamic and Explosive Art and Sport!

Due to the great interest in Push Hands and the increasing popularity of competitive Push Hands as a sport, we present this section featuring some of the finest competitors and coaches sharing their techniques and insights about Push Hands in all its dimensions: from lifetime journey of self-discovery to competitive sport to gateway to combat and self-defense. Here you will find articles, animations, little lessons and, hopefully, a new appreciation of this wonderful exercise. We hope to refresh these pages often, so visit frequently.

Uprooting From a Low Posture Sticking To Unbalance Use of the Elbow and Shoulder
Uprooting From a Low Posture: Turning Disadvantage into Advantage Sticking To Unbalance: A Basic and Necessary Principle Use of the Elbow and Shoulder: A Sudden Exploitation of Weakness

Push Hands in Action!

Uprooting Energy "Ward Off" Energy! The Movement "Push"
"Uprooting" Energy "Ward Off" Energy The Movement "Push"

For more information on the sport of push hands, read Sifu Michael Pekor's article, The Nature of Push Hands Competition in America.


Disclaimer: This or any other exercise program may involve risk of injury. To reduce this risk, we suggest that you consult a qualified physician or health professional before beginning any exercise series. The Patience T'ai Chi association and its members disclaim any liabilities in connection with the exercise advice herein as such advice is presented for informational/educational purposes only!


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