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Boston Push Hands Tournament 2002


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On Saturday, May 4th, 2002, Sifu William C. Phillips and Sifu Avi Schneier headed up to Boston to attend the annual Push Hands and Forms tournament held at Sifu Don Miller's school. Sifu Bill served as a judge in some of the competitions, while Sifu Avi took gold in the Lightweight Push Hands tournament. For the closing of the event, a Grand Championship was held where the winners of each push hands competition were pitted against one another. Each competitor stood on two bricks, placed shoulder-width apart. The objective: simply push your opponent off the bricks. Like many things in T'ai Chi, though, that which seems simple can prove quite a challenge. Each competitor who lost two rounds was eliminated from the competition. In a riveting final round, Sifu Avi faced the Super-Heavyweight Push Hands champion, and demonstrating that in T'ai Chi size doesn't matter, won the Grand Championship.

Click on a picture below for a larger version of it.

Avi pushing the Super-Heavyweight push hands champion Avi setting up for the push.... Avi's Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Championship Gold Medal Avi with his teacher, Sifu Bill Phillips Sifu Bill neutralizes incoming competitor


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