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On Saturday, May 3rd, 2003, the Push Hands Internal Arts Tournament took place at the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute.  Beginners played either fixed or restricted step push hands, without divisions for weight classes.  However, the advanced divisions played with new moving step rules devised by Sifu Don Miller.  Sifu Miller's rules go a long way to resolving problems with moving step push hands contests.

Sifu Avi Schneier won gold in the Lightweight Advanced Moving Step Push Hands division.  Sam Ida took a bronze medal in Middleweight Advanced Moving Step.  In his push hands tournament debut, Isaiah Weiss took a silver medal in the Beginner's Restricted Step.  Elizabeth Crefin, competing in Beginner's Form, brought home a bronze.

The Grand Championship, played on fixed bricks (see the description from our tournament results from last year), was won this year by Sifu Steve Watson, student of Sifu Miller.

Instructor Fred Mirer coached the beginners, while Sifu Bill Phillips served as judge for the Advanced Men's push hands competitions.

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