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United States Chinese Kuoshu Federation International Championships 2002


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Once again, PTC Students and Teachers made a strong showing at the annual U.S.C.K.F. International Championships in Hunt Valley, Maryland. This year marked a very special one for PTC's own Sifu Avi Schneier, who had the distinction of being nominated for Male Internal Competitor of the Year. Sifu Schneier proved himself worthy of such an honor by bringing home gold in his weight class in restricted step push hands, and bronze in moving step. He also took first place in Men's Advanced Cheng Man-Ch'ing Form. In the women's push hands, Sifu Jill Basso won gold in her weight class for restricted step. Finally, in her tournament debut, Elizabeth Crefin took home a silver medal for Cheng Style Intermediate Form.

Tournament photos coming soon!

For complete tournament results, click here.


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